Keith Sims

Keith Sims

Former Offensive Lineman Miami Dolphins 1990-1997



Hard Knocks is a non-profit program created to assess the needs of young people who are at risk due to social economic factors, head injuries, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, truancy, problems at school, low self-esteem, educational needs, etc. 
These particular factors are often combined with a sense of powerlessness.


Talking Points


  • The lesson for young athletes, parents and coaches; you don’t need to be “unconscious” for a concussion to be serious
  • Any of these symptoms;  - headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, memory loss, confusion, insomnia, inability to concentrate - requires a trip to the doctor before getting back into the game
  • Many schools now require athletes to take a pre-season test for comparison if they sustain a head injury later
  • Medical staff keeps a record of how many impacts a player’s head receives during a season
  • Medical decisions must override any competitive decisions
  • Girls are significantly more likely to sustain concussion than boys.  The fact is that women don’t have necks as well developed as men, so that the shock absorber (the neck) so to speak is not as well developed in women
  • Researchers found that girls take longer to recover from head injuries
  • Concussions are a serious brain injury and the negative symptoms can range all the way up to death
  • Parents should not panic and pull their kids from participating in competition sports. Health consequences from obesity are more dangerous than the possibility of a concussion 

Hard Knocks

The mission is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of head injuries and other behavioral health problems among adults and children.  This is accomplished through the provision of a comprehensive, cost-effective array of education, prevention and treatment services that are sensitive and relevant to the needs of area residents.


  1. To provide effective and comprehensive primary prevention services to young people starting at the earliest possible age.
  2. To provide effective treatment services to children, adolescents, adults, and families suffering from sports related head injuries, mental health problems as well as drug, alcohol problems and social economic problems.
  3. To provide public education regarding and awareness of the relationship between mental health problems, drug, alcohol, head injuries, and their effects on individuals, families, and the community.
  4. To advocate for support by establishing liaisons with community organizations, volunteers, business and public officials.
  5. To raise sufficient funding through public and private means to enable adequate support of program services and achievement of organizational goals.


Formal announcement and photos to press of sponsorship

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Sponsors must meet publication deadlines
Alzheimer's Family Center, Inc.   954.971.7155

Alzheimer's Family Center

is a private 501 ( c ) (3) not-for-profit organization. We are not affiliated with any other local, regional or national organizations with similar names. Monies raised by our Center provide direct program services to families in the community.
Federal ID # 59-2768189









    Hard Knocks provides these young people with the following services:

    • Case Management & Counseling
    • Sportsmanship & Safety in Athletic Competition
    • Alcohol & Drug Education
    • Family Systems Information
    • Social Skills
    • Nutrition
    • Referral to Other Service Providers

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